Convert your ePubs into kepubs, with an easy-to-use, standalone tool.
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Windows, Linux, macOS
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kepubify runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Fast and Lightweight
It only takes a few seconds to convert a book, and no extra cruft is added to your books.
No Dependencies
kepubify does not depend on any other tools such as Calibre.
kepubify supports all the necessary features for Kobo ePubs.
  • On Windows, you can drag your book on top of kepubify.exe
  • kepubify /path/to/my/book.epub will output to ./book.kepub.epub
  • kepubify /path/to/my/book.epub /path/to/another/folder/ will output to /path/to/another/folder/book.kepub.epub
  • kepubify /path/to/my/book.epub /path/to/another/folder//newname.kepub.epub will output to /path/to/another/folder/newname.kepub.epub
  • Conversion
    • Adds kobo spans to allow notes and highlighting
    • Adds kobo divs
    • Smartens punctuation
    • Cleans up html
      • Removes extra characters
      • Removes MS Word tags
      • Removes ADEPT encryption leftover tags
    • Kobo style fixes
    • Clean up extra files from ePub
    • Remove extra calibre tags from content opf
  • Coming soon:
    • Output
      • Automatically find kobo and import book
    • Integration with BookBrowser: download your ePubs as a kepub right from the Kobo Web Browser
    • Update Kobo series metadata
Why would I use kepubify rather than calibre-kobo-driver
  • Works from the command line
  • Faster processing
  • Standalone
  • Does not add extra calibre meta tags
Download links can be found here.